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 Marketing Strategy & Branding

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Marketing Plans
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 Content & Messaging

Content & Messaging

Website Copywriting
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 Interactive & Print Marketing

Interactive & Print Marketing

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Do you find you‘re missing out on marketing opportunities because you’re too busy? Do you want to hire a marketing expert, but you are reluctant because you’re not sure how to leverage the position in the long-term? Are you considering using a marketing agency because you’re not sure where else to turn?  

Time.  Commitment.  Budget.

If these factors are barriers to building a successful, effective marketing plan or tackling one-off marketing campaigns, then you are not alone. Many businesses do not have the resources to make marketing a priority, and for those that do, they do not have a solid marketing plan in place to guide their efforts.

Let me help.

Dikada is dedicated to offering affordable marketing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.  Let's work together to develop a marketing strategy, increase your sales pipeline, and build a marketing department that is able to function and drive initiatives for years to come.

How it works.

1.  During the initial consultation, we'll discuss your marketing goals.
2.  Dikada will make recommendations that fit your needs, timeframe, and budget. 
3.  Dikada will manage your marketing plan, initiatives, editorial calendars, vendor relationships, etc.

If you are considering building a marketing department or hiring a marketing employee, contact Dikada today! I want to work with you to build your brand and develop and implement strategies to help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives.


Marketing Solutions that Work for You.

Unique × Affordable × Dependable

As a business owner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the marketing buzzwords, trends, techniques and gadgets.  Trying to figure it all out becomes a full-time job, and since you’re busy running your business, marketing just becomes another nagging line item on your growing to-do list.

There is good news, though! Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. Sure, there’s a lot of noise out there about what you should be doing, but the fact of the matter is… a focused approach to promoting your business and communicating with new and potential customers is within your reach.

Dikada will help cut through the noise of the countless marketing options available by listening to your goals.  We’ll help you identify a marketing mix that actually works for your company, and we’ll provide you with a customized plan specific to your unique needs.

You choose the services you need.

Do you find yourself wanting to hire a marketing coordinator, manager, or director to execute on your marketing needs? If only there was someone to filter all of those advertising requests… or set up those social media sites… or kick out that proposal… The list goes on. Before you make that commitment, let Dikada help you set your marketing program up for success!

We can save you money by handling all of your marketing needs. You will save money because you will only pay for what you need, and we’ll provide professional-level services at an affordable price—with no risk to you.

What makes Dikada different?

We keep it simple. We’re able to keep our prices low because we don’t have a lot of overhead, we can work anywhere, and we’ll always work on your behalf to find the best prices in advertising, website development, printing, etc. We’ve worked hard to establish relationships with the best vendors and contractors in the marketing industry, and we work to cascade those savings to you.

We highly recommend Jessica because she is reliable, honest, and hardworking. She takes complete initiative to finish each project on time and within budget. We appreciate the hard work and professionalism she put into writing content for our website. No one else at our company would have ever been able to come up with anything close to what Jessica wrote for us!
— Matt Ferris, Financial Representative (Ferris Financial Group, LLC)
Jessica at Dikada, Inc. surpassed my expectations in her exceptional creativity, speed, account management, and price.  I would recommend her to anyone that wants stellar work and valuable results!
— Colleen Reilly, President (Total Well-Being)
We brought Jessica on board to work with our team to build a marketing plan and help define the marketing position we needed. She executed project plans for everything from brand management, managing our website re-design project, and developing business products like brochures, presentations, direct mail, and other interactive campaigns.
— Lanelle Herink, CPA, Partner (HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP)
Dikada, Inc. has been a major asset in my business. Jessica’s passion shows through in her attention to detail, creativity, and delivery of any project. She is creative, fun, and professional, and she is an expert with the many services she offers.  I would highly recommend Dikada for your business.
— Jarod Griess, Mustang, Inc.
Jessica is very fun to work with. She is completely focused on helping businesses to improve their marketing material and exposure.
— Lance White, Taken to the Cleaners
I am so pleased with the work Jessica has done for my new business. I spent many frustrating hours trying to learn the design software and was on the verge of going with a cookie-cutter generic design. Once I handed the project over to Jessica, it was a huge relief. She listened to my ideas for the project to the point where I felt like she was actually sharing my vision. She turned my raw ideas into several options, giving me even more insight into the marketing aspect of the business. I am very happy with everything Jessica has done, and would highly recommend her work.
— Penny Keller, Sit & Staycation and Kepler Family Chiropractic
I just wanted to send a quick note about the designs you came up with....they blew me away! Excellent job. We had a hard time finally picking one. I just couldn’t believe what you came up with! Simply amazing. Thank you for the work you and your creative mind put into them.
— Josh Florea, JF Carpentry
 Jessica Kovar

Jessica Kovar


I started Dikada, Inc. in 2009 working with business owners who wanted to increase their concentrated marketing efforts. While these companies did not have a marketing team, they still had a need to reach their customers, increase their sales pipeline, develop proposals, define their brand, and promote their services through traditional and interactive marketing.

I am a marketing strategy consultant with 15 years of marketing and communications experiencein various industries. Prior to Dikada, Inc., I worked with various professional services firms as a Communications Manager, Marketing Manager, and Consultant. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a minor in marketing from Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln, Nebraska).

The benefits to you?

  • I only work with a handful of clients at a time. You will always be a top priority.
  • I am a small company with minimal overhead expenses; allowing me to deliver you high-quality marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost of a typical marketing agency. 
  • I am available to serve my clients on-site, which allows me to learn your business and, observe your company’s culture.

Industries Served

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Construction Management (Industrial and Commercial)
  • General Contracting (Industrial, Residential, and Commercial)
  • Financial Advisement
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Restaurant
  • Catering
  • Health and Wellness
  • Auto Body
  • Neighborhood Magazine Publishing

Let's talk.

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